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Our bulls have been managed carefully to ensure your success. All bulls will have passed a breeding and semen evaluation by a licensed veterinarian before being sold and/or delivered. The cattle are guaranteed to be fertile and reproductively sound in accordance with the recommendations of the American Angus Association. Bulls selling for $2500 or more through test station sales or privately are guaranteed against injury or infertility issues for the first breeding season. Breeding season is defined as the 90-day period following the first turnout of the bulls. If a replacement bull is available, he will be provided, or if the buyer prefers, credit toward one bull will be given in the following year’s sale season, less salvage value of the injured bull. All injuries will require a vet inspection and please notify us as soon as possible should injury occur and prior to the injured bull being sold for salvage. Replacement bulls are not covered by this guarantee. This is not intended to be a mortality insurance policy. It is recommended to purchase livestock insurance to mitigate this type of loss.

Post-Sale Bull Boarding and Delivery:
We will board bulls free of charge until June 15, 2020 on bulls selling for $2500 or more at the new owners risk. Arrangements can be made to assist with board, delivery and transporting of bulls after any of the test station sales. Please contact Dennis or sale management immediately after the sale to confirm your intentions. Free delivery prior to turn out within a 150 mile radius of Waverly on bulls boarded at Deppe Angus. Trucking arrangements can also be made for delivery outside of this radius. Bulls left after June 15 will be assessed a $5/day room and board fee.